It is not easy for someone to quit weed. However, there are some proven and powerful psychological methods of quitting weed. In this write-up, you will learn two simple ways through which you can make your boyfriend quit weed. The methods that you will learn here are so simple but very effective. They might seem like a joke but they work.


Artful Dodging

Asking your boyfriend to his face that he should quit weed does not work. In fact, if you talk to him about that, he will smoke it even the more. It’s a man thing. So, if you cannot ask him directly to quit weed, how can you make him quit?

Well, you should play a psychological game with him. There are numerous tricks that you can use to make him quit. Here is another guide to help & make my boyfriend stop smoking weed – this guide has proven to be useful to get your partner rid of a full addiction of marijuana.

Ask him to stop smoking weed for two days at first. After that add another day on top until it reaches a week. If he can quit using weed for a week, he will begin to realize the benefits of quitting/stopping using weed. Eventually, he will quit all by himself.

Ensure that the decision to quit comes as his own idea. The goal is making him feel that the decision to quit was his original idea. This way he will feel that he is in control.



Another foolproof method of making your boyfriend quit weed is to entice him. Here is how it works. Tell him that he is a different person when he uses weed. Also, tell him that you love him more when he has not smoked weed. Then ask him to go for a day without using weed just for you. If he goes for a day or two without smoking weed, ensure that you reward him for the effort.

According to psychologists, he will reflect on how much better/different things will be if he quit the weed. By seeing how happy you are when he not high, he is likely to make up his mind and quit.