diy printable school book covers

21 Jan 2015

Here in the southern hemisphere, unfortunately school is starting very soon. I like to be organised for the new year, and it has to be pretty! So, here we are, for the second year in a row - printable school book covers! Last years were so successful that this year of course I had to do them again. You can see last years here.

This year the patterns are: plus print and cubes! They each come in pale pink, pale blue, grey and black.

I hope you like them!

Download the free printable school book covers here

Basically just print, glue, cut and cover in clear contact paper, and you are ready for the new school year. If you want a more in depth tutorial on how I cover my books, go to last years post here.

Have a lovely crafty day,
- Chloe

Please note that these designs were created by me, and are only free for personal use. Thank you!

just be happy

9 Jan 2015

2015 brings new opportunities, and I am so ready!

This year I am excited because:
+ I get to wear mufti to school
+ I am taking a new subject called visual art design, and also photography
+ I am doing correspondence for the first time, in business
+ I will turn 17 (!?)
+ I am doing NCEA level 2 which is apparently the hardest...
+ I get to keep blogging and talking to all of you
... and anything can happen!

I made this cute little printable print to remind me, and you, to 'just be happy'. Its simple, yet it's probably what I believe in most because its true for everyone. Do whatever makes you happy this year, live life to the fullest!

You can download the print here, for personal use only please!

What are you excited about this year, and what makes you happy?
I will be back with some DIYs soon, and to answer the questions - I will be doing a school book cover printable again!


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