17 Apr 2014


don't you just love this crafty display? I think it is so pretty.
anyway, I am so excited, because it is now the holidays!! woop woop!
I just wanted to have a quick catch up because I have been SO busy in these last few weeks.

school // I have had an internal pretty much every day for the past few weeks. It is crazy. And good news, today I got an excellence for my statistics internal! yayyyy! I am so happy! It was worth 4 credits!

painting // I have recently been painting a magnolia flower to enter into a local art exhibition - so exciting! Every night I have been solidly painting for 4 or more hours, and I finished today!

blogging // I have been writing a lot of blogging tips recently, because I have been asked so much so prepare for learning hehe!

music // oh music is the one thing that helps stress for me! I have been listening to lots of Haim, Lorde, Daughter, and a few other randoms. I made a new mixtape with my Spotify that you can listen to if you click on the 'mixtape' link in my header!

loving // I have a serious obsession with Beci Orpin. And, her new home wares range 'Arro Home'? NO. oh no. I think I may have to do some saving - it looks SO gorgeous! I have been reading and re-reading Find & Keep so much. And I got the new frankie too - the cover is so so amazing I love it!

thinking // what do you want to see on this here blog? I have lots of spare time for the next two weeks so that means I can write heaps of posts, so, what do you want to see?? Comment below!

have a lovely day,
chloe x


12 Apr 2014

5 things every blog should have

When you first visit a blog, you have first impressions. Is it laid out nicely? Who runs this blog? What is this blog about? Where do I read more? Sometimes, we forget as the publisher what the reader will first see when they visit our blogs. But, as we get new readers every single day we need to make sure our blogs are appealing - to existing readers too!

Here are 5 things I believe every good blog needs.

1 // A good about page, and an obvious link to it. 
This is the first page people will look for when visiting. They have seen a few posts, like what they see and want to know more. Having a prominent link is a must - sidebar, header etc. If you want you can even add a 'new reader? click here' link if you want to be extra fancy. On that page feature your top posts, a brief about you and the blog, linking to your proper about page, and links to your social media to get them started.

2 // Links to social media
This is necessary for every blog, because this is where your readers can connect with you and find out more. And you can gain followers at the same time. Putting social media icons either on your sidebar, header or footer is a must. Do all three if you want. Make sure the icons you use are obvious to you readers too.

3 // Links to your most popular posts
When someone first arrives at your blog, and you have a 'catch-up' type post on your homepage, the first thing the will want to know is, what is this blog about? Links to your most popular/favourite posts on your sidebar means they can browse, stay for longer and not click straight off you blog - never to return!

4 // A contact page
I like your blog, I have read about you, I want to know more/I have a question. I need to contact you! That means emailing. Make a page with your email address on it and put it in your sidebar.

5 // Archives/Search bar
If people want to skip back to a post they read and liked, you need archive links or a search bar to help them do that. Either place a default archive widget on your sidebar, and/or install a search bar. You don't want those old posts to be forgotten!

I hope you can add something to your blog, if not you're doing pretty good!
I think I will do more posts about blogging.
Is there anything you would like to know?

have a lovely day,
chloe x

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