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31 Jul 2014

hello everyone!

Today I have taken a brilliant idea off of the lovely Emily, to show you my favourite blogs. These are the blogs I actually LOVE to read and check up on daily - they inspire me and the people behind them are just oh-so lovely, and they deserve to be recognised. these are in no particular order. Lets get started...

OF COURSE I have to start with the lovely Emily. What can I say? Her blog is divine and she is such an inspiring chicka. The quality of her posts is just stunning and she captures me from the very first word. She posts about fashion, crafts, inspiration, and just all round loveliness, not to mention how lovely she is too! I have been loving her videos and also her most recent post on pen pals! Check her out over at Emily Jane.

Chessie - oh Chessie. She is relatively new to the blogging world but she is taking it by storm. Her quirky, cute and original posts are just so fun to read and I love seeing the outfits she puts together. She really is a lovely girl too; one of my amazing pen pals! Read her blog Chestnut here.

The lovely Rachelle is just so... lovely! Her posts are so full of wonder and every time I see the amazing places she visits I want to be right there with her. Her photography is stunning! I love her recent video - her accent is so so cool, and she seems like such a down to earth, kind and amazing person. Read Beloved Bluebird here.

Miss Zali, Miss Zali, you are so wonderful. Her posts are so whimsical and she has such style for someone so young! She is the sweetest girl, and so creative too. Her illustrations are just amazing. Zali you are going to do BIG things! Read Miss Zali here.

Jasmine Dowling is just my absolute favourite illustrator at the moment. She posts about her amazing typography, and then pairs it with her out-of-this-world fashion sense. I wish to grow up like her, she is such a role model to me. Everything she creates and does is just... WOW. Read Jasmine Dowling here.

This blog I discovered fairly recently, but just by clicking through older posts a few times, I was instantly hooked. Kimbah is a young mum with two young children - one of which has autism. Her posts are so utterly inspiring and the styling/photography she creates is just a dream. Do I have to say more? No. Please go and read kimba anne here.

Chelsea is so lovely, and her posts are so great too. She always manages to posts so regularly with such amazing content, seriously Chels I have no idea how you do it. I read every single post and I just find her so relatable and inspiring at the same time. Go read Uhm Chelsea here.

Oana Befort has the most amazing talent, her watercolour paintings are so beautiful. I love her general style, and she has such cute children! Oh and, every month she does a free desktop calendar that I use for my laptop, they are so amazing every time! Browse through Oana Befort here.

Tash is SO stylish. I just love that she is completely unafraid of being bold and wearing colours and patterns. Everything she puts together is just so gorgeous. And her hair? Yes please! Read my wardrobe on a blog here.

Last but not least... Kate's blog is so wonderful - filled to the brim with inspiration, fun DIYs, and useful life tips too - I love it! Her posts are of such high quality and her videos are so cool! Read Clover + Dot here.

So, I hoped you liked this little post and found maybe one or two new blogs to read. Thanks so much to Emily for letting me do a post like hers. I just think there are so many wonderful blogs out there (these are hardly any of the ones I love!) that I would love for everyone to know about, because they really are going places!

Have a lovely day,
Chloe x

party inspiration

28 Jul 2014

Hello all!

So, as I said before I have been doing lots of planning for my upcoming party! I have found amazing boards on pinterest that I had never looked through before, found the most amazing blogs for party planning, and some of the prettiest pictures ever... that I will share with you today! SO, sometime if you are planning a party of your own or just want some lovely inspiration, you can come and read this post! Enjoy!

This beautiful garden party is from the Kikki.K blog. I just looovvee the hanging geometric shapes, and also how much wood they have incorporated into their theme. The flowers just make it too!

+ image sources 1 & 2 +

These images are so pretty, they are from a Martha Stewart Party by Sugar & Cloth. I absolutely love love love the scalloped table cloth. And the little plants on the plates? Ahhh!

+ image sources 1 & 2 +

These are so gorgeous. The ombre cake is just to die for. And I might have to make some of this strawberry lemonade too - it looks so pretty and easy to make!

Here are my favourite blogs that i have come across to find party inspiration:

oh happy day
studio DIY
sugar & cloth
the alison show

and here are some pinterest boards I LOVE:

PARTY ideas - Alison Faulkner
party - Beci Orpin
Party - Chelsea Foy
A Subtle Revelry
Kids Party Ideas - Mr Printables

Yay! I am so so excited, my party is next weekend! I have so so much preparation to do. I can't wait to show you all!

Anyway, I hope you got some inspiration from this even if you are not having a party, I think all this stuff is so pretty anyway!

Have a lovely day,
Chloe x
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