new shop collection!

23 Oct 2014

hello there!

Today is SUPER exciting, because I am launching a new collection for my shop - chloƩ and le chat!

I have been wanting to make something new for the shop for a while, and finally got round to it this holidays! The collection is based on gorgeous pink fabric, and the prints I used including eyes, raindrops and dots. I may expand the collection further on, and I will tell you when I do that! For now I have only made one of each product, meaning products are made to order (I will only be making a certain amount total) but, please do get in quick because last time when the products sold out, I had lots of questions asking if I would make more and people were disappointed. There is a SALE on now on the remaining products, which are a set of 5 postcards from $15 down to $7 and earrings from $10 down to $5.


keep scrolling to see the products and details!

1. It's Raining Small Pencil Case
A soft grey cotton pencil case with hand stamped black raindrops, and black zip.
Keep your pens, pencils, tools and even an emergency lip balm safe.
Hand sewn and stamped/painted.

2. Dotty Fabric Plant Pot
A dreamy, peachy-blush toned pink fabric pot with neutral cotton fabric fold over in a hand stamped black dot pattern.
Keep your plant, washi tape, supplies and goodies snug.
Hand sewn and stamped/painted.

3. Eye of the Dreamer Tote
A dreamy, peachy-blush toned pink tote with hand stamped black eyes, and sturdy cotton tape handles.
Keep you books, journals, shopping and goodies safe.
Hand sewn and stamped/painted.

4. Eye of the Dreamer Small Notebook
A mini brown card moleskine with white stamped eye design on cover and half perforated pages for easy notes.
Keep notes, inspiration, dreams and doodles in a handy, pocket-sized beautiful notebook.
Hand stamped/painted.

5. Eye of the Dreamer Pouch
A dreamy, peachy-blush toned pink pouch with hand stamped black eyes, a black zip, fully lined with plain cotton.
Keep your phone, notebook, beauty products and goodies safe.
Hand sewn and stamped/painted.

So that's it guys! There are a few more photos of each on their individual product pages. I really hope you like everything, I have done lots of planning and been working super super hard to make it happen. Each item is made with love, tell me what you think!

Chloe x

a bit of inspiration

11 Oct 2014


Recently I have been having bursts of feeling inspired, and bursts of well, not. It is hard when you not only have the pressure to post regularly but the pressure to post an Instagram photo everyday. Yesterday I spent all day making things (more on that soon) but today I feel... meh. I posted my 'I' photo today on Instagram saying I wasn't feeling very inspired and the loveliest Flora Waycott commented saying:

"Try going for a little walk, that's what I do when I'm low on inspiration. You will notice little shapes and colour combinations... and it will clear your mind! Sometimes inspiration finds YOU!"

I absolutely love this, because I was going to try posting another inspiration post of photos from Pinterest, but this completely changed my perspective. And I went on a walk. outside. Now I am not implying that I never go outside, I love nature and being able to 'breath' but I have never really used it for inspiration of this kind. I took my camera and a little box and found the cutest and prettiest of leaves and flowers around my garden. The first photo is what I found (inspired by Flora of course) and the next photos are some pretty colours, textures and beautiful plants I found.

1. I love the purple tint to this hebe
2. I love the lime green of this grass and the depth of field in the photo
3. This is a baby Kowhai leaf curling out, I love the tiny leaves and the colour scheme.

Now, I encourage all of you to do this. Even if you live in a city, look at the beauty of the small things. Look at shapes, look at light and look at colour. And remember what Flora said: "Sometimes inspiration finds YOU!"

Chloe x