As it was already mentioned before contrary to fitness evolution the kettlebell training is back! Despite the modern technology and a treadmill with a built-in TV in your local gym, it is almost impossible to imagine something more effective and simple at the same time in building and toning your body than a good old kettlebell.

You’ve definitely seen one, looks like an iron cannonball with a handle on its top. You might have seen people performing kettlebell swings in your local park, or maybe you saw a video about it on one of the internet resources, but it’s now time for us to tell you about the benefits of kettlebell swings.

The core of a kettlebell training is a kettlebell swing. Swings can be done using one or both of your hands and normally are performed while standing.

We will get back to kettlebell swinging techniques later on, but the porpoise of this article is to show the benefits of using kettlebell swings as part of your training.

First of all the kettlebells are very efficient and allow you to combine fitness and weight training in one workout. Kettlebell swings develop hamstrings, glutes, core and back muscles, biceps and shoulder muscles. Exercises developing those muscles are normally overlooked in a traditional weightlifting programs. But those muscles are crucial for professional athletes because they are involved in jumping, sprinting and tackling movements.

A kettlebell swing can be a perfect choice for Tabata training. This brutal but effective style of training suits the intensity and the muscular involvement of your body in a kettlebell swing set.

Kettlebell swings help you develop your abs and straighten the core muscles. Compared to traditional crouches – swings give you a functional training and muscles that can be used outside of your gym.

A key benefit of high rep kettlebell swings is that it gives you a fullback muscles workout, from your lower back all the way up to your shoulders. This, in its turn, develops your backs endurance and has a very positive effect in back injuries prevention.

Swings give your muscles a full workout but besides that they really get your heart rate rise to its limit, making it a great cardio exercise, hence another great way to burn body fats. Studies show that the most beneficial fat burning training with kettlebell occurs when swings are performed with greater intensity instead of a slow endurance type of training.

With just those benefits mentioned it really is hard to believe and too good to be true, and simple considering the low tech/cost equipment used. However, we must admit that kettlebells really are a hard work, suitable more for experienced athletes rather than amateurs who are in the beginning of their fitness programs.

However, if you decide to try kettlebell training, feel free to use our resources and please make sure you fully understand the exercise before trying it.