Clinton Pugh

Highly passionate businessman and restaurateur, Clinton Pugh hails from the heart of Oxford, born in July 1958. He has multiple restaurants and is an avid speaker on public causes. Associated heavily with plenty of companies in the capacity of directorship, he is personally responsible for the growth and development of many companies and organization.

In a recent interview, he spoke passionately on how the local council was interested in increasing funds for their budget rather than looking at the long term betterment of Oxford localities. Case in point being the conversion of the St Clements car park into student flats, which would adversely affect the traders in the region, who see a major influx of traffic during weekends and holidays primarily thanks to the large parking space.

Unfortunately, Clinton Pugh had to close down the Lemon Tree on 15th August 2008. He was seen with a sad face, putting up a “For Sale – Everything Must Go” sign on the day of closing down the restaurant. A truly sad day indeed for Oxford.