Remember These?

Ah what delicacies the Lemon Tree served…. The uniqueness though was in its outright Oxfordian cuisine – things that the locals actually admired and loved, for it brought out their love and nostalgia for the town. What flavours, what colours, and the ambience – simply majestic.

Here’s three of Lemon Tree’s truly amazing concoctions that probably no other restaurant made better then neither now!

Sunday Roast

A proper British classic, the Lemon Tree, true to tradition served a Sunday Roast that anyone could enjoy alongside other items on the buffet on Sundays from 12noon to 5pm. Naturally, the buffet had Yorkshire pudding too because no Sunday Roast is ever complete without a healthy serving of Yorkshire pudding.

The Lemon Tree served their Sunday roast with a healthy serving of potatoes, gravy and vegetables – enough to make it hard to walk afterwards.

Eton Mess

A British classic, Eton Mess was actually a favourite for many regulars who loved the homemade ice cream the restaurant used instead of the commercial variant. This gave it a particularly creamier taste and texture. Strawberry too was always plucked fresh for the dessert and boy did it taste amazing!

Pie and Mash

A simple and classic comfort food. One really can’t go wrong with this English recipe but making it stand out from numerous other bistros is a really difficult task. The Lemon Tree though managed this with sublime ease always topping up the serving with a huge pile of creamy mashed potato and a generous ladle of gravy!