Here are a collection of frequently asked questions, and questions asked on instagram. Have a question? Email me!


what blogger template do you use?
I use a theme by BlogMilk, slightly customised with CSS.

what headset do you use?
I use an office headset from PMC telecom – it offers amazing value for money!

what camera do you use?
a very old Nikon D40.

what photo editing software do you use?
Aperture for storing/editing photos, photoshop for more editing. If you want a really good cheap alternative to photoshop, buy pixelmator from the app store!

will you help me design my blog?
I am sorry, but designing individual blogs takes too much time. I would be happy to give advice though!

how do you get inspiration?
this is one of the toughest questions that I think any creative can be asked. Somehow – it just comes? Light, colours, other people and the online community are all super helpful when it comes to thinking of ideas.

how do you write so well?
During my time at private school I learned my craft in writing and have been hooked ever since. It really is practice makes perfect. But choosing a school doesn’t need to be about whether it’s paid or not most great writers are state educated!

what font did you use on your page titles/header?
I hand illustrated them, so it is not a font.


@utterlyella asked: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
At the moment, Melbourne because it just seems like the best gosh darn place to be – while playing a digital piano, of course!

If you had to eat any food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Hmmm… I do love love love a good salad! But also pizza…

@arkie_n asked: What are your favourite ways to use notebooks, journals etc. ?
I’m really bad at this… I collect notebooks and I always feel like I would ruin them if I wrote i them! My favourite way to use them is to simply write what you want in them! To-do lists, doodles, notes etc.

@graciusblog asked: What do you use to make and edit your videos?
I  film with a D800E and edit with iMovie.

@xonorkor asked: Do you play any sports?
hehe no! I used to do swimming but grew out of it.

Do you speak any interesting languages?
nope, I am super bad a learning languages but If I could speak another one it would be french.

@candeemade asked: How do you edit your blog photos?
I increase the exposure and sometimes the black point/contrast, then I also apply a brightening action on it in photoshop made by a beautiful mess.

@princesspearle asked: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
save it!

@cinnamonblog asked: What apps do you recommend to edit photos with?
My no.1 is the editing bit built into instagram, and close behind it is VSCO cam.

@iplantaplant asked: What’s your favourite outfit?
my totoro onsie in winter and a flowy dress in summer!

@ssimplygracie asked: What camera do you use to take your beautiful photos?
I use an ancient Nikon D40 but it does the job for me!

How do you edit your photos and what do you use?

For instagram I usually increase exposure, black point and contrast in Aperture, export it and apply an a beautiful mess action in photoshop, send it to my phone through a transfer app, then usually increase the brightness or contrast a bit more within the instagram app.

Any tips for starting a blog?
There is so much I could say right now.
– Blog about what YOU like, after all it is YOUR blog, someone in the world will most definitely like what you like
– Remember it is a process. You learn as you go so don’t expect the most amazing design that you are super happy with on your first try, or 100 followers within one week. Take your time!
– Get your blog out there by advertising as much as you can on other blogs by doing ad swaps, guest posts and getting to know other authors of blogs by emailing them.
– Don’t feel pressured like you HAVE to post every day/week. There is no pressure at all, if you only have the time once a week or once every two weeks, that’s fine! If you blog that far apart though, remember to put effort into every post and leave people with a good impression.
– ASK other bloggers for advice on design, content etc, we are all happy to help!
– Put yourself/your blog on social media like instagram, pinterest and bloglovin’ so that people can follow you and get to know your style and interests.
– HAVE FUN and don’t ever feel worried or pressured because it is a hobby you should enjoy!


What helps to gain views on your blog?
Good, original content! Like I said above, when you start out, collaborate and join forces with other blogs starting out and together you can gain more readers. Get out and involved in social media too, and be super kind!